Trump vs. the Deep State

Each essay should be at least 250 words their response should form a logical argument. To support arguments made specific facts should be used from the readings. Cite one source (including page numbers) for these facts and ideas. If you do not have access to the New Yorker sites I also attached them under the uploaded documents section.  Essay 1 In the assigned article “Trump vs. the Deep State,” what is the fundamental tension between the Trump administration and the state? What are the goals and values president Trump wants people who work for the state to prioritize? What are the goals and values of people who work for the state that he sees as threatening? What are President Trump’s strategies for attacking the state? Essay 2 This New Yorker article describes Venezuela as a country that suffers in at least some way from a weak state. As you read, take note every time you read something that indicates this country has a weak state. (Does this country have clearly defined borders? Does it lack external or internal sovereignty? Does it have a weak bureaucracy?) After you read the article, decide how you would label this country? Does it have a strong state? A weak state? Or a failed state? Why? Essay 3 As the first video explains, the reality is that many countries in the world do not clearly fit the definition of democracy OR of a non-democracy. Many countries in the world, in other words, fit some of the criteria of a democracy but are lacking other criteria. We call these countries hybrid regimes. What type of hybrid regime do Levitsky and Way describe in their article? What are the different elements of this hybrid regime that are nondemocratic? What are the aspects of this kind of regime that are somewhat democratic? Would you consider the United States to be an electoral democracy? Would you consider the United States to be a procedural democracy? Would you consider the United States to be a substantive democracy? For each of your answers, explain why or why not.

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