Tyrion Lannister

Need help with my writing homework on Tyrion Lannister From the Game of Thrones. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The main storylines making the series include the dynastic war involving various families, which are contesting to control the continent. the increasing threat of outsiders, and the threat of a returning daughter of an overthrown king (Martin (a) 2). Tyrion Lannister is the youngest sibling, born to Joanna and Tywin. one of the families contesting for the control of the continent (Martin (a) 42). Tyrion is a dwarf, and that has made others call him the half-man or imp, irrespective of his education and his shrewd nature. This paper will explore the character of Tyrion, with the aim of exposing the cultural inclinations and the values of the then society.Through the character of Tyrion, the author exposes the historical period of the story. The evidence of the historical context, which is primitive in nature, includes the fact that the Westeros’ continent was ruled under the kingdom and dynasty systems. The evidence of the traditional nature of society and rule is evidence by the adventures of Tyrion, including his journey to Winterfell, as part of the King’s royal possession and delegation (Martin (a) 42). The epic series, also through the eyes of Tyrion, tells of the clashes that involved different kings, including that Tyrion, together with Bronn and Shae, was the delegation sent to King Landing. The delegation had been sent to deliver an appointment letter that mentioned his appointment, in the event of the father’s death (Martin (c) 32).Through the character of Tyrion, the author tells a lot about the nature of society and the comparative position between the different genders. This historical information is told through the character of Tysha, Tyrion, Jaime and Lord Tywin, all-through the eyes of Tyrion. The social ill of sexual violence and rape are communicated, and the message is used to offer a comparative account between modern societies.

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