Urban Planning

Essay questions: Pick two of the following questions to respond to. Take your time to decide!Each response should be 3-4 pages long, double-spaced. Please include references to relevantcourse material, and use examples to illustrate what you are talking about. Include a goodbreadth of information, but also pay attention to constructing a coherent, well-organizedresponse. You must use sources to back yourself up, and be sure to ground more abstractconcepts with concrete examples. Your response will be evaluated based on the quality andthoroughness of your argument, good use of sources, and organization/flow of the discussion.How is mobility connected to spatial inequality, and why should transit infrastructure betied to agendas of spatial and social justice?In what ways has urban planning historically served to embed and reproduce racialinjustice in our cities? What is the lasting legacy of this? How do you think we mightaddress it?What do you think might be some ways to try to overcome or mitigate the injusticethat often come with urban revitalization initiatives? Explain tensions between‘revitalization’ and ‘gentrification,’ and discuss where you see these playing out.What does asset-based development look like and why is it important? Why is iimportant not to just think of cities as ‘containers’?What is urban austerity, and what are its effects in cities?What has been the role of zoning in shaping the current urban landscape? What aresome specific ways in which zoning has affected both the urban form and socio-spatialconditions in cities today? Can it be used to achieve more equitable results, and if so,how?What is the Creative City, why have so many cities tried to become ‘creative,’ and whatare some of the emerging challenges it presents?Judging by what you’ve seen and experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic, and whatwe’ve learned in the course, what do you think an ‘equitable recovery’ might be, andwhat should it entail in cities like Toronto? What is a specific area of risk or vulnerabilitythat you think needs attention, and how can cities be prepared around that area goingforward?What are some specific planning instruments that can be employed in more equitablecity-building practices? What problems do they address and how? Pick one that you areparticulary interested in, and explain it in greater detail.

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