Using of British American Tobacco

Creating a thesis and an outline on Using of British American Tobacco. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The most concerning trend that is found in today’s tobacco industry is the harm caused by cigarettes. Due to this threat, the customer base is decreasing and hence several steps are being taken by cigarette manufacturers to alleviate the harm. Another trend is the need for portraying a socially responsible picture for the consumers. The use of technology in customer identifications and analysis is becoming popular while using IT in the operations to manage the organizations better is another trend that is been seen more often.British American Tobacco is the most globalization brand in the world. The brand has millions of diverse customers across the globe, with access to over 180 markets globally, and makes the best quality tobacco products. The brand commits its customers to always be indulged in principles of corporate social responsibility, a practice kept running throughout the group. Known brands include Pall Mall, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, and Kent (, global politics is not the same as the local one, rather absolute differential, therefore, extra care needs to be taken since British American Tobacco mainly exports to some 180+ countriesSW presents the internal scenario of the organization, matched against the existing or anticipated external OT provides a plan for the future course of action. Following is a pictorial representation of the same:A cigarette is an additive product and that is a favorable point for the company as far its sales are concerned. Buyers are hooked to the brand of cigarettes usually from the start so there is little bargaining that the customers can do. The buyers are also brand conscious and they do not change their brands rapidly and especially in the UK. Even if the prices of the cigarette increases, the customers will continue to buy it because of its addictive nature.Retailers get a nominal amount on retailing the cigarette however they are in much demand so they keep it. Also, the&nbsp.retailers usually get branded settings and are paid extra to keep shelf space for a brand. As substitutes for the products exist, retailers have a bit of power over the companies.

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