verbatim and documentary theatre

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses verbatim and documentary theatre. It is evident that the documentary theatre is moved by two extremes that are polarised in terms of the economic patterns of this theatre. In as much as these two broad spectrums of economic trends actually exist, they are considered to be a range of shifting that makes efforts of trying to reconcile tensions from the competition. The two economic patterns are hence not just a pair of sinusoidal oscillations when it comes to delivery of viewing services to the audience. The documentary theatre has made attempts of staying away from manipulation of the source materials in which if such is not avoided, this may result in the muted presentation which may place the theatre at one end of the spectrum. Moreover, there are other attempts that are actually made to creatively configure testimony and context for yet another time which can as well lead the documentary theatre into sensationalism and aestheticization. This new behavior in simple theoretical evaluation is the one that leads to the boom in performance out of synchronicity with the source material, pushing the theatre to the opposite end of the fictional spectrum (Fisher, 2010).Basically, it is by turning our eyes as spectators to this theatre if we intend to create a reasonable distance between ourselves and the reality that we are able to observe by our own eyes. The documentary theatre has been associated with the proliferation of capital and the exchanges that concern culture, politics, and personality, and public exchanges among many others. It is still not yet clear that the heightened desires for public investment and practitioners as outlined in this documentary theatre will actually collapse. It is only a change in the bust or more precisely the continued change in trends one of which is the increased desire from the public and also the reality that is depicted on the stage (SEN, 2014).What is very important here for our discussion are the already mentioned boom and the busty nature of the relationship to the reality, performance, and aesthetics and also the engagement of the audience in the recent past.

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