Visual Culture and Theory

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses visual cultural and theory: graphic design, technology and politics. Even though the animation is associated today with computers and advanced technology, it began much before than anyone has ever predicted. Instances of animation have been observed as early as during the prehistoric times when archeologists discovered figures drawn in a series of successive motions on cave paintings. A 5,200-year-old animation has also been discovered on an Iranian bowl. Similarly, early versions of animation have been discovered in Egyptian art also.Leonardo Da Vinci, the great Italian mastermind had also experimented with animation. In his folio, the Windsor Collection, Da Vinci attempted to portray the human body in a series of sequences which implies the use of animation. However, like many other Da Vinci sketches, this one also was done much before the right technology was available.The first technology to incorporate animation was a television with its standard picture film. J. Stuart Blackton, the father of American animation, released the first animation film in 1906 titled Humorous Phases of Funny Faces where the image sequence was drawn on a blackboard and presented in succession to create the illusion of movement. Later in 1908, Fantasmagorie, a stick figure animation film was released. In this film, the images were drawn on a paper and later shot on a negative film. These were rudimentary animation films where often the animator’s hand was visible but despite this, they required great talent and creativity since they were executed in a time when computers were not available to store or modify characters.Later with the release of the cinematograph, the technique of stop motion made animation more interesting. With the release of Haunted Mansion by Blackton in 1906, animators were able to interest and inspire the viewers in the way they were able to master the technique of animation.

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