Wearing Face Masks

Term Project – Due Monday November 2nd – 50% of your grade!!!This term project is worth 50 percent of your course grade…the time you spend on itought to reflect that..*** Note: please have your choice (explained in writing) approved by me before you begin.You need to do this within the first week or two of class to really have time to earn full pointsYOUR PROJECT: Case study using the ethics outline noted herea. Identify an actual current topic which includes ethical considerations. This may involve national or local news stories or a topic you read about in a book, journal or magazine. Try to choose an issue you’re already interested in, or something based on a personal experience. It will make this project more fun to do.To find ideas, read, read, read, listen, listen, listen, and watch, watch, watch. Get ideas from any and all sources you encounter over the next week or so from when class begins. You can find oodles of ethically-sensitive cases out there, if you’re looking. I won’t give you possible choices here—I am offering you the opportunity to take the initiative and have control of your topic!b. Identify the ethical issue posed by the issue, and collect background information on this issue from library sources and interviews with experts. You’ll need to explain:• how the issue would be handled by philosophers in the past;• past and current legal considerations;• professional considerations;• opinions of experts in the field today.Basically, tell me everything the world knows right now about the ethical issue raised by your sample case!!OUTLINE TO BE USED IN YOUR RESPONSE:(Based on worksheet by Thomas H. Bivins, University of Oregon.)1. What is the ethical issue/problem, in one sentence? State this in the form of an ethical question. Example: Do children deserve to face judgement for the acts of their parents?2. What facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision you must render in this case? Note: facts do not include ethical judgments at this point.3. Are there any other external or internal factors to be considered? (Economic, political, etc.)4. Who are the claimants and in what way are you obligated to each of them? (List all affected by your decision.)5. What are the operant ideals? Note: ideals are values and behaviors based on them. • For you. • For the person impacted by this case example.6  66. Do any of these ideals conflict? In what order would you honor them?7. Which options could cause harm to any party?8. Would honoring any of the ideals listed above invalidate any of your options?9. Are there any rules, principles or codes (legal, professional, organizational, or other) that automatically invalidate any of your options?10. Which ethical theories support or reject which options? Explain. Consequential:• Mill’s “Harm Principle.”• Ethical egoism.• Utilitarianism or risk-benefit analysis. Nonconsequential:• Ross’s duties.• Kant’s “Categorical Imperative.” Other duties (religious, etc.).11. Determine a course of action based on your analysis.12. Defend your decision in writing to your most adamant detractor.

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