What Does it Mean to be Patriotic

double space, 2.5 pages, no needed sources, have to be 5 paragraph structure( intro , body, body, body, conclusion) have a clear claim in intro and be supported by the bodies. the conclusion need to tie to the intro and claim. Here is some thinking instructions: What does it mean to be patriotic? In Jason Stanley’s book he talks about First Amendment rights and taking a knee instead of saluting the flag, is that being patriotic? Is voting being patriotic? Do you know anyone who can tell you the story of the first time they voted? Did they feel patriotic? Is speaking out against fascist politics or racism being patriotic? For example, if someone was arguing that education was unnecessary and that there was only one mythic past — a glorified version of the U.S. — and you spoke out against that and pointed out that the U.S. did indeed have some horrible colonized past history — is that being patriotic? The essay should be in the five-paragraph format. You will be graded on clarity, strength of argument.

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